We want to be your partner

From our west coast roots to the shores of beautiful Hawaii, we have worked since 2002 with clients to manage their online mailing lists, e-newsletters, and e-announcements ranging in mailing list size from 200 to over 60,000 subscribers. In total, we have sent over 57,000,000 client mailings over the years...and we are still sending.

We are pleased to have expanded our services to include WordPress sites and Facebook and linkedIn media community management.  

We would be happy to partner with your team.


Our Mission

To provide extraordinary and professional education and customer service while educating our clients about online marketing.  We also are available to manage our client's social media, online email campaigns, and website projects.  Our overarching goal is to increase client's social media followers, website visitor conversions, and newsletter subscribers through the provision of education and value - both for the client and the client's customers / subscribers.   

Neal Hendrickson has been key to the success of the McDougall Program. He has been there for me to meet hurried deadlines and produced product that has literally changed the world.
— John McDougall, MD - Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center

What We've Achieved

  • Continued steady growth for our clients.
  • Client satisfaction.

What we'll do for You

  • Educate you and provide resources to help you reach your goals.
  • Social Media and Newsletter Calendar.
  • Work with you regarding content.
  • Always give you final authorization before posting or sending.