How to collect email addresses and build a list

The last way you want to add email addresses to a list is by just collecting them from here and there.  It's best if people opt-in or at least have done some business with you or your company recently. Make email address collection a course of every transaction or conversation. Of course, you always must include an unsubscribe link (it's the law) in each and every mailing you send so people have the opportunity to have their email address removed from the list.

Blogging is one of the best ways to get interested readers to add their names to your mailing list.  Discuss the details of how your product can benefit your readers and how it has helped someone specifically.  Also if you have something to give away like a resource guide, you can offer that when someone signs up for your mailing list.

E-mail Newsletters and Announcements

It's really quite simple to get started.  You just have to have a mailing list and something to promote, sell, or announce.  I know you are thinking, oh really Neal, you make it sound too easy.  Yes, I will agree that it does take some work to get started and to grow your list.  If you have a list in place and are ready to use it, hurray for you.  If you don't I'll help you start and grow one - a list of any size will work and you have to begin somewhere.  I have used MailChimp (you'll find their link below or on the resource page) for several years now and find them to be most reliable.

First let's think about what you want to do with your mailing list.  Answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to promote, sell, or announce?
  2. Who is your customer? Age, gender, interests, where do they hang out on the internet?