Stay up to date and reach those who use Facebook and email to be informed.

Send weekly church bulletin by email

  1. Keep everyone informed of the upcoming sermon

  2. Build interest in a new program or activity

  3. Include promotions of special events to encourage participation

  4. Save paper and printing costs is branching out and has created a package just for churches and their members.  Our weekly church package comes with two Facebook postings  plus a mid-week announcement of upcoming weekly service specifics and church related activities and opportunities.

Give us a call or email us.  We would love to partner with you.

Our non-profit church package is a real deal!  We regularly charge $125.00 per week plus a sending charge (if applicable) for our weekly package with this many offerings.  With our non-profit 5% discount, our rate becomes $118.00 plus tax.  This price covers an hour of labor, design, and management of each of the two weekly Facebook postings plus 2 hours of labor to create the weekly e-newsletter.  Labor hours accruing over and above what is mentioned above are charged at $50/hour.  

How we work with our clients
You provide us with information on a weekly basis regarding the upcoming sermon(s), the service schedule, activities and opportunities available for members, and other items of interest.  You can also include a pdf of the Sunday program for members to read and print and bring with them if they choose.  We jointly discuss which items are best for the Facebook posts and reach agreements about whether our staff replies to Facebook replies from your Facebook community or if you would want to reply yourself.  If the latter, then we would send you an email or text message advising you that a posting needs your reply.  Don't have a Facebook page for the church?  No problem, we can take care of that for you.  Don't have an email list for your members.  We can help with that too.  There are many ways to encourage members to sign up for the emailings and to follow the church's page on Facebook.

Sample Church Bulletin e-Mail

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.59.16 AM.png

Samples of recent project

Sample Facebook Post

Neal Hendrickson has been key to the success of the McDougall Program. He has been there for me to meet hurried deadlines and produced product that has literally changed the world.
— John McDougall, MD - Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center

What We've Achieved                             

  • Continued steady growth for our clients.
  • Client satisfaction.


  • Social Media and Newsletter Calendar.
  • Work with you regarding content.
  • Always have you give final authorization before posting or sending.